Guala – New Savin Cap Application is now available at Prowine

Guala Closures Group have extended its screwcap portfolio with the launch of the new Savin premium aluminium closure for Wine applications.

The Savin is a strong, double-layered design with an internal thread that can be screwed, rather than rolled and beaten, onto standard 30×60 BVS neck finishes – Not only do the two layers offer a stronger seal but the lack of threading on the outside gives a completely smooth surface area for the producer and brand owner to use as they wish – including embossing. Prowine are pleased to announce the capability to apply the Savin, and WAK by the application of a single capping head for both cap styles.

This has been achieved by a simple modification of our existing Technomax WAK style capping head. The conversion of the Technomax WAK style capping head is supported by Guala Closures and is the brain child of Mitchell Bloor (Director) of Northern Engineering Services based at Greenfields here in South Australia.

For the bottling runs we have completed to date using the converted capping head it has been found to provide consistent trouble free results, is easy to maintain and if changing between WAK and Savin caps would see no changeover required. The insert is simple, inexpensive and is easily replaced when compared against the original design.

For those interested in the Savin cap they may be directed to the guys at Guala Closures or for enquires regarding conversion of a capping head, these may be directed to Mitchell Bloor at Northern Engineering Services. 

Contact details:

Mitchell Bloor
Northern Engineering Services
M: 0430 082 245 E : [email protected]