Kalleske 2013 Vintage Biodynamic Barrel Project

Prowine recently welcomed Kalleske Wines to our stable of clients.

The whole product development and bottling process is unique and innovative in all ways for Kalleske’s Biodynamic Barrel Project.

Kalleske has divided their 2013 vintage into 3 separate barrels: Root, Flower and Fruit which represents the element Earth, Air and Fire respectively. This idea is originated from the effect of the moon and planetary cycles on plant. Each day can be defined as flower, fruit, root or leaf day depending on the cycle of the moon/planets and their astrological position. Depending on the type of day when an activity is undertaken on a plant will affect it in a different way.

With this idea in mind, Kalleske managed to present three wines exploring the nuances of certain oak tree harvest and barrel coopering days and their effects on wine. Each barrel presents different colour, aroma and palate.

In terms of bottling process, this job is certainly a unique one for Prowine. To facilitate the Kalleske branded proprietary bottle requiring orientation of the label to the branding on the bottle, it was necessary to manufacture change parts for the labeller on our line 2 to accommodate the diameter of the bottle and to orientate the label.

And here’s Kalleske’s final product!

Prowine is very glad to be part of this special project, and we are always flexible and innovative to help with customer’s unique wine packaging ideas and requirements.

For more information about Kalleske’s Wines’ project, please visit their website or their cellar door to have a taste yourself!