Prowine CFS Morning Tea Fundraiser

CFS volunteers have been servicing SA country areas for many years, and there is no doubt that they are the heroes who protect everyone in South Australia, especially after the Sampson Flat Fire in early January 2015.

That is why Prowine has decided to get involved with the CFS Foundation to honour, support and care for CFS Volunteers.
CFS Foundation’s mission is to assist in the relief of suffering, disability, distress or misfortune of CFS Volunteers resulting from their community service activities.

The major objective is to provide financial assistance to volunteer firefighters and their families who have suffered through death, injury, loss or damage of property while in the line of service, the latter three being recently witnessed in the Sampson Flat Fires.

As an example, in October 2014 the Marrabel CFS Brigade was presented with a defibrillator as part of the CFS Foundation’s rollout of defibrillators to help save lives of SACFS Volunteers. This machine will also be available to help save lives of residents of Marrabel and surrounding district.

The CFS Foundation funding is not to be confused with funding derived from the Emergency Services Levy to run and maintain the fleet of vehicles, brigade stations, equipment, fuel and consumables, personal protective equipment, training, logistics and management etc.

We have organised a small fundraiser onsite on 22nd January 2015 to help CFS foundation to acheive their goals. Everyone brought in a plate of food at morning tea with a kind donation to the foundation. We are glad that the fundraiser was a great success and thank you again to Wendy and Amanda who helped organising this meaningful event for such good cause.

Prowine would like to again express our gratitude to all CFS volunteers,

You are our true local heroes.

For more photos of the event, please visit our Facebook page or click here.