We specialise in offering a complete wine packaging solution to the premium end of the market. 

High Quality Promise

Our business is all about service. We specialise in offering a complete wine packaging solution to the premium end of the market, and beyond. As such, it is essential to be able to cover all aspects of the process, from bulk wine arrival to finished goods distribution.

Product Development

Our team can assist you in new product development, from your customised drygoods to packaging details.

On-line QA Checks

Our quality assurance team will make sure to do checks reguarly to make sure your wine and product is at its best.


Every details will be communicated to you thoroughly to make sure you know what's happening and we are always happy to assist!

The General Process

Packaging Requirement confirmed
Job set up & Schedule into program
Wine & Dry Goods call up
Bottling & ready for pick up!

We've got you all sorted at one spot.

We operate 2 independent filling lines, with our smallest operating at 2,000 units per hour , while our largest can comfortably run at 5,000 units per hour. We have tank storage capacity on site of some 550,000 litres, with a fully equipped modern laboratory to provide a full onsite pre and post bottling analytical service.


A comprehensive list of the services we currently offer is detailed below:

Bulk wine unloading

General pre bottling wine preparation (SO2, CO2 and D.O. adjustments and basic wine additions)

On line bottling filtration (as required)

Full pre and post bottling wine analysis

On line Quality Assurance

Cross Flow Filtration

Cold Stabilisation

Fully secure warehousing service – via Nuriootpa Traders 

Container loading and packing service – via Nuriootpa Traders 

Bottling coverage from 187ml to 27 litre large format

Self adhesive label applicators with 4 station capability

Cork, Vinolok, WAK, LUX, SAVIN and screw cap application

Stand up and Laydown carton configuration

Full range of generic dry goods & printed dry goods

Got more questions?

With our experiences and knowledge in wine packaging over the years, we have established a knowledge base that will answer most of your questions in regards to your upcoming bottling. 

Request a quote today and get your next bottling sorted organised

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