Wine Export Volumes increase

With weaker Australian dollar and recent free trade agreements, The Australian Grape and Wine Authority reported that export volumes increased 3.6 per cent in the year to March, while export values increased 3.9 per cent. It’s the first time Australia had an export growth in seven years, just for China itself, their demand has rebounded 20 per cent to 44 million litres last year. The authority estimated The Chinese market worth $242 million for Australian exporters, and premium wines are leading the charge as Australian wine in China had a higher average value per bottle than wine from France, which has been the number one exporter to China.

This represented a very good opportunity and timing for South Australian wine makers to tap into the Asian/Chinese high end market with our unique and great quality wine. It is good news to SA in general as this may bring in more tourists and investments as a result of the increased exposure through SA wine.

Great news given Prowine’s commitment to attend several wine expos later this week in Shanghai and Guangzhou. We look forward to providing support for current clients and evaluating future potential opportunities. Watch this space for updates on our adventure in China.

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