We are officially on Social Media

We would like to announce Prowine is now officially on Social Media, we are now on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube, hoping this will take Prowine’s communication strategy into a new era.

New technology available nowadays has completely changed the ways of human communications. People are on their smartphones all the time stumbling upon all sorts of social media platforms. Businesses are turning to social media in order to keep themselves in their customer’s top of mind. This trend has slowly spread to the wine industry, and now, with our 10 year anniversary coming up, we believe it is a good time for Prowine to take a step forward, be proactive, and get on social media and make a presence.

As you may have noticed Prowine is already on Facebook, now we decided to move forward to LinkedIn, which is a platform for professionals with no locational limit, and Twitter, which allows people to make direct, casual contact with Prowine. Apart from that, we have also set up a Youtube channel, which will hopefully bring people and customers closer to Prowine, by getting to know us better. For example, we are planning to put our event footages or even experience sharing from our staff in the future.

It is an exciting moment for Prowine and it is a big step for us. Please support us by clicking on the icons on the bottom right of the page to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Please as well find below the link of our Youtube channel:


– Sarah Wu