Trees for life – Carbon credits

Prowine Offsets Carbon Emissions

Environmental issues are something that concern us all these days in particular the business and industrial sector and even more so now with the looming carbon tax on the horizon. Wine Bottling, by nature of the process, is a relatively ‘clean’ operation due to the fact that we provide a service of ‘packaging’ a product that is produced elsewhere. (i.e. We are not the producers and processors.)

Having said that there are of course certain facets of our process that do have an effect on our overall carbon footprint, such as electricity usage (major contributor), LPG (forklifts and heating water) and the one that effects most if not all industries, freight.

Despite our relatively low impact, Prowine, in a conscious effort to offset our Carbon Emissions has recently registered with the Trees For Life Carbon Program.

Established in 1981, Trees For Life is a not for profit environmental organisation which revegetates cleared land in South Australia and conserves native vegetation. In 2001, Trees For Life began planting previously cleared land specifically for carbon sequestration purposes. It is via this program that Carbon Credits are achieved through establishment of native plantings and environmental restoration. For further information visit

(Prowine further considers the environment with general recycling for waste glass and cardboard. Waste water is recycled via an onsite aerobic treatment system and used to water the grounds surrounding the bottling facility.)