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At Prowine our primary focus is wine bottling therefore it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that wines arrive in a ‘bottle ready state’.

Wine call ups are issued approximately 1 – 2 weeks prior to the week of production and are based on many variables such as actual date of production, other wine traffic at the time and tank availability. Any special requests regarding wine delivery days must be relayed at the time of booking your job in (not after wine call up is issued).

Please reply to us as soon as possible with confirmation once the wine delivery is organised. 

It is imperative that the wine call up date is adhered to so that a smooth transition to bottling is achieved. As a general rule wines will be required to arrive 2-3 days prior to bottling and in all cases the analysis must be signed off 24 hours prior to bottling. 

Wines arriving in barrel will be charged a barrel handling fee. 

Minor adjustments (DO/CO2/Sulphur etc) can be made prior to bottling and Cross Flow Filtration, if required, must be advised at the time wine is booked in for bottling so that adequate time can be allowed. (Penalties may apply if wine requires last minute Cross Flow Filtration).

To see more details, please see “Laboratory Services”