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Once in our tank, your product will undergo regular testing to ensure that it meets your specifications. It begins with pre-bottling analysis. A sample is taken for all product arrivals after it has been unloaded into the allocated tank. Here are the tests we will perform before your bottling:

Pre-Bottling Analysis
(Incoming Wine for Bottling)
Titratable AcidityTitrator
Sulphur DioxideAspiration
Volatile AciditySteam Distillation
pHpH Meter
Residual SugarEnzymatic
Specific GravityDensity Meter
Heat Stability80°C for 6 hours
Cold Stability-4°C for 72 hours
Dissolved Oxygenoxi-330 DO Meter
TurbidityHach Turbidimeter
Dissolved Carbon DioxideCarboQC

For a full list of tests performed on pre-bottling sample and estimated completion times please click here.

We offer pre-delivery analysis on all or a selection of these tests upon request and this cost is included in the price of bottling.

If you have any further questions please contact the Laboratory staff.

Upon completion of the pre-bottling tests (excluding those that take more than an hour) the results are entered into a Bottling Authorisation Form (Please click here to see sample) and sent to our valued customer for approval.

Customers may return the signed form by fax or email or may come in to taste the product and sign off then. Bottling will not commence until the bottling authorisation is approved by the customer. Therefore, it is important we receive a signed copy of the Bottling Authorisation with a filtration request and any specifications or adjustments that might be required for this product.

For assistance in this area please contact the Laboratory staff. If you require any updated results prior to bottling a request can be made to the Laboratory staff.