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Once bottling is completed our laboratory staff will conduct the relevant post bottling analysis of your wine, enter the results on your original Bottling Authorisation and send the results back to you.

Here are the tests we perform after bottling:

Post Bottling AnalysisMethod
Sulphur DioxideAspiration
TurbidityHach Turbidimeter
Dissolved Carbon DioxideCarboQC
Dissolved Oxygen (av.over run)oxi-330 DO Meter
Microbiological Sterility Testing
Sterile products only)
Membrane Filtration & incubation for 72 hours

If your wine has been sterile filled, we also undertake Microbial analysis to ensure that any active yeast has been removed during the bottling filtration process. This process takes 72 hours after which time we will check the sample plates to ensure they are clear of any yeast growth and then release the wine for distribution.