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If customers require cross flow filtration prior to bottling, we can provide this service on site using our Vaslin Bucher Flavy FX5 Cross Flow Filter. 

For those not completely up with this style of filter, its main difference from the traditional filtration is that the product passes across the filter membrane (tangentially) at positive pressure relative to the permeate side. A proportion of the material which is smaller than the membrane pore size passes through the membrane as filtrate, everything else is retained on the feed side as retentate.

With standard (or deadend) filtration the product is passed through a membrane or absorptive surface where the solids are trapped in the filter with the filtrate being released at the other end. The issue here is that the solids can quickly block the filter as they have nowhere to go (ie the term deadend).

Please advise at time of booking if cross flow filtration will be required.  Minimum volume is 2,000 litres and additional charges will apply. For more information on the cross flow filtration process please contact our Laboratory.