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We offer our customers the ability to cold stabilise their wine prior to bottling. The cold stabilisation process is mainly used for white wines in order to remove unstable Potassium Bi-Tartrate prior to bottling. Wines left untreated can precipitate tartrate crystals into finished wine in the bottle making the product aesthetically compromised for re-sale.

We inoculate the wine with cream of tartar to facilitate this process, chilling the wine to between -2°C to -4°C and holding the wine at this temperature for up to 5 days until the wine is cold stable. We do a conductivity test at this point to ensure the wines stability before putting the wine through our cross flow filter to remove the unstable crystals from solution. At this point we will warm the wine to around 18°C ready for bottling (see Cross Flow Filtration section to learn more about the filtration process).
Please advise at time of booking if cold stabilisation is required. Minimum volume is 2,000 litres and additional charges will apply.

For more information on the Cold Stabilisation process please contact our Laboratory.