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In order to schedule a bottling with us, you will first need to organise a bottling quote from us.

Our pricing is based on the volume of each individual parcel of wine. That means we won’t be able to provide a quote if you don’t know the volume of your bottling run. Our service fee includes standard pre and post-bottling analyses, on-line bottling filtration as per product specification and pallet stretch wrap and pallet top cap.   Please note that pallets / slip sheets etc are charged ‘as used’ due to variations in pallet configurations.

Contact our Sales Manager with your desired date (week commencing date), volume, varieties and bottling specifications, ready for an accurate quotation. Prowine Quote Request Form preferred – (Click here to download)

It is our intention to complete your bottling 100% to your specifications – but the only way we can achieve this is based on – ‘your knowledge, of your products’. Please provide ALL details as listed on our quote request form. This measure is imperative to ensure all jobs are set up, quoted and programmed correctly from the outset.

Please note production space cannot be booked without full pack details.
Actual date & time of production will be dependent on volume, filtration, bottle used and pack configuration.
We will then send through a quote with all service fees & dry good charges included. (Credit application form will also be sent to new customers). All prices on our bottling quotes are exclusive of GST.

Please check carefully and ensure everything is correct and accurate as quoted.

If you would like to proceed, please send the signed quote, (attached with the completed credit application form) back to us as soon as possible. We can then reserve your desired bottling slot.
Please note production won’t be scheduled into our program until the quote is signed.

We also cannot be sure of the exact date your job is going to run due to many other variables, but we always try our best to schedule your job in your desired week.