Please be aware that we have made a change this week to improve product traceability by standardising Prowine’s code applied to each bottle. 
In brief we will now be offering our customers two options for coding their bottles:
The 1st option will be the default code and is to be applied when the customer does not request additional information in the code.
The 2nd option gives the customer the ability to change the code on the second line of text only, while still ensuring that Prowine maintains full traceability.
Format 1: Prowine’s standard code only contains one line of text formatted as follows: 
                1st Line:  LYYDDD HH:MM PW#
                Example: L19123 15:08 PW2
                Definition: L (‘L’ indicates Lot)
                YY        – YY’ indicates the last two digits of the Year
                             e.g. 19 for 2019
                DDD     – DDD’ indicates the numbered day of the year
                             e.g. 123rd day of the year
                HH:MM – HH’ indicates the hour in 24hr format
                                ‘MM’ indicates minutes
                             e.g. 15:08
                PW       – PW‘ indicates ‘Prowine’
                 #          – #’ indicates the Line Number e.g. ‘2’ for Line 2
Format 2: Prowine’s customer requested code contains two lines of text formatted as follows:
                 1st Line:  LYYDDD HH:MM PW#
                 2nd Line: as per customers request
ExampleL19123 15:08 PW2

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 08 85235166 or send us an email, we are always happy to help.