Adelaide Hills Wine Show 2014

The Adelaide Hills Wine Show was held at the Mount Lofty House this year on Friday 28th November, with perfect weather and outdoor settings, it was a picturesque and relaxing venue.

Adelaide Hills Wines has always been under the shadow of our Barossa, McLaren Vale and Clare wine region to the general public or end  consumers, however we in the industry, all know that’s not the case. Adelaide Hill Wines have their own unique character which cannot be compared with other wine regions in SA.

This year, the committee launched the new Adelaide Hills brand, which will represent the birth of the new Adelaide Hills wine image, uniting winemakers as well as benchmarking the quality of the wine region with the following elements behind the concept: Progressive, Confident, Refreshing, Generous, Vibrant, Beautiful, Diverse  and Young.

There was a new class for Gruner Veltliner this year, and Adelaide Hills was the first to established this class among all wine regions in SA. Gruner Veltliner is still fairly new to Australia, and Adelaide Hills offers the perfect terroir for this grape. The Adelaide Hills is unique amongst the wine growing regions of Australia in that it offers the magical combination of one of the coolest mean January temperatures together with one of the biggest diurnal variations in temperature – factors similar to the growing conditions in Austria – the origin of the Gruner Veltliner. It will be exciting to see more Gruner Veltliner available in the Australian market in the coming years!


This year, there were 102 exhibitors and 495 exhibits across 16 classes. The Adelaide  Hills Wine Show results were outstanding, 36 Gold, 58 Silver and 155 Bronze medals  were determined by the  wine show judges. Prowine, as one of the sponsors, have  presented the Best Riesling Trophy and would like to again congratulate all trophy  and medal winners. Your effort certainly did not go to waste!