10 Year Anniversary Celebration -22 Oct


Prowine has been servicing the wine industry and setting standards in wine packaging since 2004. Our belief, ‘Quality without Compromise’ has brought us many quiet achievements and continued growth in the past 10 years.

To celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, Prowine decided to do something a little different, a bit of fun.

This celebration will be on 22nd Oct at Prowine and we are inviting guests to join us and participate in our invitation Prowine Casino Tournament!

Did we say GAMBLE, we sure did!

Yep that’s right! To offer our guests a realistic casino experience, we have arranged professional, experienced croupiers along with various casino tables to bring more fun to our celebration. To add more excitement to our party, we have decided to make it a competition – Casino Tournament!

How does it work?

Every guest will receive $2000 worth of Prowine ‘money’ on arrival to play. Take it to the croupier and they will give you $2000 worth of casino chips. Each game on each table goes for seven hands or spins, so you will have time to make as much as you can with your starting $2000. At the end of each game, the croupier will give you back your $2000 Prowine ‘money’, and take back all your chips. They will then write down the names of the biggest scorer. These names will be displayed on our scoreboard and the game moves on to the next table. At last, the 7 top scorers across the tables on the day will enter the GRAND FINAL for a Show Down. The winner will take home a special prize! Will you be a Winner?

Apart from that, we will be serving fine wine and roving cocktail food to our guests throughout the afternoon. Even if you are not a gambler, you can still enjoy our stunning food and wine for a relaxing and fun afternoon.

We sincerely hope we will see you on our open day in celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary. If you are keen to be involved , or have any questions regarding  our event, just send Neil or Sarah an email:
Neil: [email protected]
Sarah: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd for a once of experience and an afternoon of great fun, good fare and familiar faces.