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Cross Flow Filtration

In September of 2014, we took receipt of a new Vaslin Bucher Crossflow filter, which we successfully commissioned later that month. The new unit, a Flavey FX5 was chosen after extensive research into this type of filtration. A big thinks to Chris Cook for his work in evaluating the machine, and to Blair Hanel from Hanel Consulting for his guidance and patience. 

Unveiled at our open day Florence, or Flo as the machine has become nicknamed was certainly the star of the day. 

For those not completely up with this style of filter, its main difference from the traditional filtration is that the product passes across the filter membrane (tangentially) at positive pressure relative to the permeate side. A proportion of the material which is smaller than the membrane pore size passes through the membrane as filtrate, everything else is retained on the feed side as retentate. 

With standard (or deadend) filtraton the product is passed through a membrane or absorptive surface where the solids are trapped in the filter with the filtrate being released at the other end. The issue here is that the solids can quickly block the filter as they have nowhere to go (ie the term deadend), an issue that I am sure we have all encountered countless times. 

We have already run a number of products through the filter with great success. If you are interested in finding out more about the filter, give Matt a call in the lab or conversely if you want to make a booking or get a quote get in touch with Neil at the office.

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