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Bottling Process at Prowine

Every contract operation works differently, the step by step guide below will give you a good understanding of our process, and how the process proceeds from start to finish. 


1. Contact our Sales Manager with your desired date (week commencing date), volume, varieties and bottling specifications, ready for an accurate quotation. Prowine Quote Request Form preferred. Please note production space cannot be booked without full pack details. Actual date & time of production will be dependent on volume, filtration, bottle used and pack configuration. 

2. We will send through a quote with all service fees & dry good charges included. (Credit application form will be sent to new customers)

3. Please check carefully and ensure everything is correct and accurate on the quote. If you would like to proceed, please send the signed quote, (attached with the completed credit application form) back to us as soon as possible. This is to ensure that we can reserve your desired bottling date for you. 

4. Once signed, a bottling specification will be raised and sent to you. It will specify the number of dry goods you will need, label heights, carton inkjets, etc. Again, please check carefully and make sure details are correct and accurate. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure all is correct. 

5. Once confirmed, please sign and return the form to us. We require the forms back at least 2 weeks before your bottling date, without this we will be unable to finalise your order. All dry goods supplied by customers, e.g. labels have to be delivered to Prowine at least 1 week in advance. Please note that a $100 admin fee may incur with any changes made after the bottling specification sign off. 

6. Prowine will then contact you when we are ready for your wine delivery. Wine call ups are issued approx 1 week prior to your week of production. Please note that wine delivery is based on receival tank availability. Any special requests regarding wine delivery days must be relayed at the time of booking your job in (not after wine call up is issued). Please reply to us as soon as possible with confirmation once the wine delivery is organised. 

7. Upon wine delivery, our lab manager will conduct a pre-bottling analysis for you. A report will be sent to you or your nominated winemaker. Amendments can be made here if necessary and sent back to our lab. Please sign off on the analysis as soon as possible once you are satisfied with the results and your wine will be ready for bottling. Wine analysis must have final sign off at least 24 hours prior to your bottling. 

8. Once bottling is completed, please organise your wine pick up as soon as possible, or you may talk to Nuri Traders in advance to store your wine in the warehouse next door. 

 Here is the link for the Bottling Request Form. (Right click and save as)


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