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We have a full range of generic 'minimum print' cartons to suit domestically produced bottles, plus a limited selection for some popular imported glass. Most with the following choice:

White or Brown Board

6 Pack or 12 Pack

Stand up or Lay down

Standard Board or Heavy Weight Board Grade 

If you require something not 'off the shelf', we can liaise with our carton suppliers to have plain, minimum print cartons made to suit. We can also recommend producers for full colour printed cartons also.


Standard interlocked cardboard, moulded pulp or corrugated are all available – depending on your choice of carton and your needs.


We can supply all your palletising needs for export and domestic packed product including:

Pallets – hardwood, export, fumigated

Slipsheets (for container loading without pallets)

Warehouse finished product

Pallet pads

Top strapping

Top sheets

Pallet corner protectors 


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