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Bottling / Packaging

Prowine operates two independent filling lines. Both utilise low vacuum filling technology, inert gas bottle rinsing, vacuum corkers and inert gas covered screw cap applications.

Bottling Line Details

Filling Heads 25 12
Bottles per hour 5,000 2,000
ROPP Capper (BVS) Yes Yes
Cork (under vacuum)  Yes  Yes
Thermal Heat Shrinker (PVC Caps) Yes Yes
Spinner Heads (Tin/Polylaminate Caps) Yes Yes
WAK Cap facility No Yes
Glass Volumes 375ml - 750ml 187ml – 1.5L
Label Orientation No Bottom Lug
Pack Configurations Stand Up Stand Up & Lay Down
Labels Self-adhesive
(industry standard)
(industry standard)
Label Application x 4 (max) Yes Yes
Individual Bottle Coding (lot #) Yes Yes
Carton Inkjet Printing Yes – 2 sides / ends Yes – 2 sides / ends

We have strong business relationships with all the major suppliers to the Australian wine industry and are able to offer a comprehensive range of generic dry goods to suit all your needs. Although we do not supply customer branded consumables, should you wish to brand any product from a cork to a carton, we have the contacts and experience to guide you through the process.

Our current suppliers include Owens-Illinois Glass Company (O-I), Orora Glass (previously Amcor Glass), Guala Closures, Amorim Cork, Cork Supply Australia, Visyboard and Excel Packaging.

Contact us with any enquiries regarding supply of dry goods such as glass, corks, capsules, closures, cartons and dividers.

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